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Bust of emperor Septimius Severus
about 195-200 AD
Country: Italy
Bust of the veiled head of a woman
about 117-138 AD
Country: Egypt
Portrait bust of Faustina the Elder
about 138-141 AD
Country: Italy
Head of Tiberius
about 14-37 AD
Portrait bust of Co-Emperor Lucius Verus
about 161-169 AD
Country: Italy
Portrait of a military officier and his wife 夫婦像
18th -19th century
Maker: Unkonwn artist
Country: China
Burleigh Falls, Stony Lake, Canada West
Maker: Vincent Clementi (1812-1899)
Butterfly Amidst Chrysanthemums and Running Water
Tenpō 14 – Kōka 3 (ca. 1843-1846)
Country: Japan
Grave stele with standing female figure
c. 2nd century AD
Country: Syria
Figure of Cerberus
c. 200-300 AD
Head of wreathed youth
about 450 BC
Country: Cyprus
Figure of standing Aphrodite Anadyomene
2nd century AD
Country: Egypt
c. second half of 3rd millennium BC
Country: France
Mummy portrait of a man
200-300 AD
Country: Egypt
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