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Face and core of rag doll
800-1100 AD
Country: Egypt
Scroll inscribed with Torah and case
20th century AD
Country: Iraq
Figure of "Pedestal" type of female
6th century BC
Country: Israel
Drachm coin of Vologases VI
about 208-222 AD
Country: Iran
Processional cross
5th to 6th century CE or later
Country: Egypt
Stamp seal with dog
c. 3100-2900 BC
Country: Iraq
Qur'an with illuminated "carpet" pages
16th century AD
Country: Turkey
Balance for weighing coins
12th-13th century AD
Country: Egypt
Plastered human skull
c. 8000 BC
Country: Palestine
Oil lamp with inscription in Arabic
7th century AD
Country: Israel
Stone inscribed in Thamudic script
c. 100 AD
Country: Saudi Arabia
Coin (dirham) of Khusrau II
590-628 AD
Country: Iran
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