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Tavern Sign
Country: France
The Giac Hours
Maker: At least two artists, including the Giac Master (French, born probably in Troyes; active probably in Avignon, in the Auvergne, Troyes, Paris, and Angers).
Country: France
Evangelist or Apostle
c. 1330-1340
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: France
Icon of St. John of Damascus
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Greece
Icon of The Baptism of Christ
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Greece
Seal, Man’s head
c. 1777-1780
Maker: Wedgwood (English, est. 1759), made during the Wedgwood & Bentley period (active 1769-1780)
Country: UK; England
Byzantine bethrothal ring
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Turkey; Serbia
Autograph letter to Mr. Watkins from John Abell
25 January 1709
Maker: John Abell (Scottish, 1653-1716)
Autograph letter to an unknown author and composer of a vaudeville by Gustav Albert Lortzing
22 January 1849
Maker: Gustav Albert Lortzing (German, 1801-1851)
Country: Germany
Autograph letter in German to Theodor Döhler
28 October 1838
Maker: Carl Czerny (Austrian, 1791-1857)
Country: Austria
Autograph letter to The Secretary of the Russel Institution from Samuel Wesley
2 January 1828
Maker: Samuel Wesley (English, 1766-1837)
Country: UK; England
Unidentified autograph letter
2 March 1880
Maker: Unknown
Country: UK; England
Autograph letter to an unidentified gentleman from C. Veniey on behalf of Marietta Alboni
23 September 1849
Maker: C. Veniey on behalf of Marietta Alboni (Italian, 1826–1894)
Country: Belgium
Autograph letter in French to Frederick Gye, director of Covent Garden, London
8 April 1853
Maker: Louis-Hector Berlioz (French, 1803-1869)
Country: France
Autograph letter to Christopher Lonsdale from Sir Henry Rowley Bishop
4 August 1848
Maker: Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (English, 1786-1855)
Country: UK; England
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