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Fragmentary Samian ware bowl
1st quarter of the 2nd century AD
Maker: In the style of objects stamped DRUSUS I
Country: France
Fragmentary hemispherical Samian ware bowl
170-190 AD
Maker: In the style of objects with the stamp of Doeccus
Dekadrachm with obverse of Arethusa and four dolphins
c. 415-357 BC
Maker: Euainetos
Country: Italy
Tetradrachm of Nero
66-67 AD
Country: Egypt
Drachm coin of Hadrian
117-138 AD
Country: Egypt
Siliqua coin of Valens
367-375 AD
Country: Germany
Siliqua coin of Gratian
August 9, 378- August 25, 383 AD
Country: Germany
Solidus coin of Constans II
c. 651-659 AD
Country: Turkey
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