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Bust of emperor Septimius Severus
about 195-200 AD
Country: Italy
Denarius with helmeted head of Roma
169-158 BC
Maker: Furius Purpurio (moneyer)
Country: Italy
Sestertius coin of Philip I
c. 244-249 AD
Country: Italy
Denarius with laureate head of Janus
c. 119 BC
Maker: M. Fourius Philus (moneyer)
Country: Italy
Coin with laureate bust of Constans
c. 333-346 AD
Country: Italy
Sestertius with laureate head of Lucius Verus
December 162-December 163 AD
Country: Italy
Portrait bust of Faustina the Elder
about 138-141 AD
Country: Italy
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